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An example image from Chris Bicourt in London, UK, regarding Marketing for AirBnB
AirBnB has a very distinct design style — via Chris Bicourt, Marketing Consultant, London, UK

Why Is Design Language Vital?

What goes into Design Language?

Design Language Is Vital

Anecdotes of Design

“Would you be able to identify us if our logo or name was hidden?”

The way IBM use a very unique design language — graphic design — via Chris Bicourt
Chris Bicourt — Marketing fonts and colours — AirBnB example, London, UK
Colours and fonts used in AirBnB’s brand identity — Chris Bicourt
Design Language used in AirBnB’s UX App and website Design — Chris Bicourt

“We may convey [purpose] with this [library] design feature.”

“We use neutrals, white, and blue logically across our product and marketing to guide the eye and highlight the crucial areas,” the designer explains. Warmer secondary palette tones lighten the experience and instil confidence and hope.” Atlassian makes software.

“Before breaking graphic design rules, you must first learn them.” Otherwise, you’re producing mayhem. Less is usually more.” — Christopher Bicourt

“A unified design language is not a set of static rules and isolated atoms.” — Airbnb.

Who creates a design language?

Chris Bicourt, Marketing Logo, London, United Kingdom
Christopher Bicourt designs a Marketing Logo in London United Kingdom



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